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Wireless Charging Dock - iPhone & Android - Wireless Charger

This charger allows you to charge any iOS devices and any QI enabled devices and works well for all lightning cable enabled iPhones!

The Smart Blue LED light blinks when your device is charging, so delicately that it won't distract you at night. You could even use the charger more easily with our extra safety built-in – 100% protection over short-circuit, under-voltage, and over-voltage.

Get your phone fully charged from zero to a hundred in just under 3 hours. 

With this trendy accessory, you can charge your compatible smartphones, and other Qi-compatible devices, without the need to plug your device into a wall charger or USB port. No need to remove your phone cover our product will successfully charge with most phone cases remaining on the phone. Simply place your device directly onto the charging pad and your phone begins to charge. The Samsung Wireless Charging Pad is Qi certified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) which do not require additional charging batteries.


As you charge your phone, both the pad and your device will get slightly warmer, don't panic – this is absolutely normal.

However, if you're using your phone while it's being charged, it may get even warmer, and we would highly recommend you to remove the protective case. If the protective case is more than 55mm thick, then we suggest it is removed while charging for optimal charging performance.


  • Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices
  • Place your mobile device on the charger pad and watch it charge
  • Compact design minimizes clutter with easy wireless charging
  • Samsung's Wireless Chargers comply with WPC wireless charging standards and allows you to enjoy reliable and convenient charging for a large range of devices
  • Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, including from Samsung: Galaxy S6, S6 edge+, Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy Note, as well as the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Active, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7. In order to be sure if your device is Qi-compatible, please visit your device manufacturer official website for more information.

      This kit comes with a pad and an iPhone receptor. If you use Android, please check whether it is Qi-Compatible. Most Android devices are Qi-Compatible, however, there are some that are not. For Non-Qi-Compatible Android devices, you need an Android Receptor.


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