Kids' Portable Snack 'n' Play Tray

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Is your baby or kid always restless in the car? Does she make a mess every time she eats or drink in the car or a flight? Or boredom strikes on long journeys? Then this simple, but wonderful car seat tray is for them! Just lay it out in front of them and let them play, draw, sketch, or watch videos on the tablet, keeping everything else on the tray! Say hello to a happy baby in a car!

  • Mesh side pocket to hold crayons, sippy cup or almost anything they need to keep engaged.
  • 3.25" high sides keeps things from falling out.
  • Strong wipe clean nylon cover material is ready for any mess.
  • Perfect for Drinks and snacks because it's waterproof. Perfect even for their laptop.
  • 3 adjustable back straps keep tray secured to child.
  • Contour design fits snugly to the child's waist.
  • Attaches easily to car seats.
  • Quality constructed Of Nylon, foam and polyester.
  • Soft foamy tray keeps children from hurting themselves on sharp hard corners.
  • Rugged enough to color and snack on
  • Collapses on impact making it safe during accidents.



  • Wipe clean
  • Size: 38 x 34.3 x 5cm
  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Material nylon, foam and polyester