September 05, 2016

A solar power bank is an alternative new technology developed for people to power up small devices such as phones and tablets, solar power banks come in handy in the absence of power supply. This device allows you to save electrical energy (energy from sunlight deposited in the bank) which can be used to charge your phone or other small gadgets in the absence of electricity supply. Solar power banks are made up of special battery cells enclosed in a special case; it controls the flow of power using a specially designed circuit. Solar power banks are designed to charge phones at almost full speed.

Solar power banks were created to generate power used to charge up the reduced battery content of many USB-charged gadgets.

Increasing needs for power banks

 Virtually everyone needs a power solution that is potable, this is due to the increased amount of time spent on using tablets, phones, media players, and other gadgets daily. You can’t always be close to a wall outlet, which is why it’s important to have a battery backup to power up your device when the need arises.

Power banks are suitable for devices that can be charged with USB cords. Some of these devices include MP3 players, cameras, GPS systems, portable speakers, smart phones, GoPros, and tablets. With a power bank, you can practically power up USB-charged devices.

Power banks are popularly called battery banks or power stations.

Issues on keeping power banks charged

To efficiently maximize the benefits of having a power bank, you must ensure that your power bank is charged at all times. Solar power banks are designed with photovoltaic panels that have the capability to trickle charge the battery in the power bank when placed where there is sunlight. The energy from the sun keeps the power bank charged, the capacity of a solar power bank determine how many gadgets can be charged fully, which is an important feature to consider prior to purchasing a solar power bank.

The solar power bank is charged by exposing the solar panel to sunlight.  It doesn’t take more than a couple of hours to get your solar power banks fully charged, however, the rate at which the power bank charges depends on the intensity of sunlight on that particular day. Ensure you look for a spot with an increased intensity of sunlight. Place the solar power bank in this particular area until it is fully charged. Solar power banks are mostly designed with LED indicators to show when the device is completely charged.

Solar power banks can also be charged via a wall outlet, this enables you to keep the device charged on cloudy days. You can also charge your solar power bank with a computer by using a USB cord.

Solar power banks were developed as a suitable alternative to ensure that wherever you are, you can always have a battery backup as long as there is sunlight. This technology takes advantage of the inevitability of sunlight to power up the power bank in any circumstance.

How to use solar power banks ?

A fully charged solar power bank has specific ports for different gadgets, the gadget is connected to the port on the solar power bank using a USB cord. The switch on the power bank is turned on to initiate the charging process.

Where to use solar power banks ?

Solar power banks can be used to charge your gadgets wherever you are, that’s why it’s considered to be an effective portable energy solution.

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