12 Halloween Costumes From 2016 That Tech Nerds Will Appreciate

November 01, 2016

12 Halloween Costumes From 2016 That Tech Nerds Will Appreciate

It was that time of the year again. People, young and old tried the most elaborate costumes, makeup and stunts to get their Halloween game on. While some people stuck to the tried and tested skeleton robes and store-bought superhero costumes, some really got into the character. If you're talking about nerds, tech geeks and the computer-obsessed, they really took their Halloween to the next level. So much so that they became the living, walking, talking impersonation of their favourite technology or gadgets!

Whether outright genius, or downright boring, these costumes are winning nerd Halloween. 

1. This flight attendant was quite the literal bomb with an exploding Samsung Note smartphone costume.

samsung note halloweeen costume

And she wasn't the only one. The exploding Samsung Note was quite the Halloween Costume choice of the year.

samsung note halloween costume


2. This child took nostalgia for the original iPhone with this one. Maybe by the time he's of age to buy an iPhone, he'll not be disappointed.

iphone halloween costume

And just like the iPhone, it gets better and bigger every year.

iphone costume

3. But the real scary thing about the iPhones is the dreaded lightning cable that we all know how durable it is. So someone was dressed as an iPhone cable.


iphone charging cable



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4. For every iPhone fan, there's an equal and opposite Android fan.


android nerd halloween costume

5.  Why should phones have all the fun? This one's for the Amazon prime lovers.

amazon prime nerd halloween costume

6. That DSLR guy you know.


7.  Every developer, no make that every computer user would be familiar with the original terror - The Blue Screen of death.

blue screen of death halloween costume


8. A 'chip reader', geddit?

chip reader nerd halloween costume

9. Of course, A Pokemon Go costume was waiting to happen in 2016.


This year for #halloween it's #pokemongo time. #halloweencostume #halloween2016 #ポケモン #ハロウィン #nintendo

A video posted by Matt Borgelt (@mattcyborgelt) on


(While on Pokemon, you might find this Pokemon Power Bank Tres Adorable.)


10. Microsoft was missing in on all the action till this Minecraft costume happened.

minecraft halloween costume
via @instagram

11. No Halloween is complete without a Star Wars costume fiesta.

Star wars darth vader costume

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12. And the most amazing nerd Halloween costume goes to.

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