I've Traveled To 20+ Countries. These Are The Tech Accessories Absolutely Worth Carrying On Your Trips

October 13, 2016

I've Traveled To 20+ Countries.  These Are The Tech Accessories Absolutely Worth Carrying On Your Trips

Imagine you've travelled more than 1000 miles, spent over $1000 and taken 2 weeks of leave to check out a Wonder Of The World, and as you're trying to get closer to the monument getting the money shot of the trip, your phone dies.  Or worse the screen breaks. Or even more annoying, the phone memory keeps running out.
And all this because you didn't take care to have a battery back up or external storage on you.

Yup, it's happened with me countless times.

Much as backpacking is about traveling light, it's absolutely essential to load up on tech that will make your trip more productive, camera-and-mobile-phone hassle free, and make for good memories.
So, do away with that bulky shampoo bottle or the thick blanket, but carry these gadgets on your trips.


1. Power bank

solar power bank

Read the above scenario again. Now replace the situation with whipping out your power bank and charging the phone or camera on the go. In fact if you're on a backpacking trip, and doing it rough is more your style, get a solar power bank.  It's free to use, no hassles of hunting for a power plug point especially when you are traveling for a destination wedding, and it's great for the environment.

Get one here for $15


2. Phone case

world map phone case

How many times have you seen a phone screen crack or outright splinter into pieces just because it didn't have a cover? Far too many times. Using a case always is a good idea, but it's NON NEGOTIABLE during a trip where there'll be a lot of wear and tear. To cut down on the bulk, throw away the wallet and invest in a good wallet cum phone case. Like everything else while traveling, always use protection.

Get this amazing world map themed phone case here.


3. Waterproof Phone Pouch

waterproof phone pouch float bag

Let's face it. If we're talking travel, then a dip in the pool, the beach or some kayaking might be on the cards. Why leave your phone back in the room or worse take chances with it? Water damage is probably the worst way to kill a phone. But equally bad is missing out on photos because you didn't have a waterproof case. It's worth buying a water proof phone case just to get those awesome water shots, or of you jumping 100 feet into the lagoon.

Get one here.


4. Flash drive

iPhone flash drive

If you plan on taking a lot of photos or video on your trip which is most likely the case, make sure that you don't keep running out of space on your phone. This is where a flash drive comes in. Like a regular pen drive, it plugs into your phone and can help to siphon off data and transfer onto a regular computer or laptop. You can even surf videos and photos from the flashdrive itself. There's many great Android and iPhone flashdrives that can store anywhere between 8 to 100gb of data. Pick the one you're likely to need, and top it up.

Get an Apple-certified iPhone flashdrive here.

5. Mini bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers

Going on a road trip or a camping adventure? You know what would be great? The ability to plug your awesome music collection to a set of portable speakers, and listening to it anywhere. So whether it's a bonfire, or a chill session with friends or the fellow travelers you've met on your travels, enjoy a little private party together.

Get this adorable mini-mushroom wireless speaker here.

6. Universal charger adapter

universal travel  adapter

I can't stress the importance of this if you're traveling abroad. Imaging lugging all your electronic device chargers only to discover that the country's electric plug point system is totally different, and your charger is completely useless there. The universal charger adapter will save the day. Just carry this universal travel adapter no matter where in the world you travel, and use your own charger on it. It's worth a buy if you travel often.

Get one here.

Bon Voyage!


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