September 01, 2016

The iPhone and the iPad have great features, but the disappointing thing is that they have low internal storage, hence you cannot store all the music, videos, images and other files that you need to. The only option is to delete some of the files or apps or even back them up on a computer so that you can access them. These are not good options because you may need to listen or look at something and find that you had already deleted it or even can’t access it at that particular point because you don’t have your back device with you. So, the question is how you can increase the memory of your iPhone or iPad?

Simple, with the use of i flash drive you can easily increase the memory.  i Flash drive is an external device that is connected to the iPhone and iPad to give them unlimited space for photos, music, videos and other data. These devices have a huge memory space that lets you save data from the PC or any downloaded music or video that you can watch while on the go. There are different types of i Flash drives, and they are very light in weight. They have a USB connector on one end and a Lighting connector on the other end. It has a micro SD in place, and the memory space varies. The following are the steps of how you can use the flash drive to increase your memory:

  • Connect the Lighting connector with your iPhone or iPad and you will be prompted to download an app from the iTunes store. Once you have agreed to the terms and regulations you are ready to go


  • Using From Library option of the i flash drive, you are able to copy files from the photo library of the iPhone to your device without deleting any image by only selecting the images that you want to be copied. You can also transfer the same photos into a different device or even back to the iPhone. You can also save an image from the camera roll and also be able to send it on email or as a message to iCloud photos or Epson iPrint.


  • You can save music for your iPhone or download from iTunes and save on the flash drive, hence being able to play through your iPhone. The same applies for video files. Both can be played through the apps player, whether the files are DRM protected or not.

  • You can back up your contact by using the contact backup option, and you can back them up in various ways that you want.


  • The i flash drive has an inbuilt recorder that you can use to record anything and save it on the drive rather than on the iPhone. You can use the device to listen to your saved voice recordings, and iTunes will add the file to their library.


  • With the flash drive HD app one is able to create files using the text editor and store texts that can be accessed later and be edited.


  • One can save the Office file on the external device, and you can view through your iPhone when you need it.

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