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National Feeding the Pets of the Homeless Week

National Feeding the Pets of the Homeless Week

Did you know that it was Feeding the Pets of the Homeless Week? While this is a time period recognized in the U.S., we know that the affects of poverty reach people and their pets around the world. Homeless people will often allow themselves to go hungry so that their pets may eat, because their pets are loyal and dedicated. Their pets do not look down on their owners circumstances or abandon them because their owners have downgraded in life, so many who struggle with homelessness do their best to sustain their pets, who give unconditional love no matter what. 

With that said, unfortunately, pets living in poverty aren't always so lucky and they end up going without food for extended periods of time. 

That's why we are encouraging anyone who loves animals to take some time to donate a can of pet food or anything you'd like to local or national pet organizations . 

Here's a link to a source featuring donation sites for pet food:  https://www.petsofthehomeless.org/donation-sites/

If you'd like to do more, here are a few pet items that would make great donations for pet shelters or homeless pet owners in your community.

Collapsible Feeding Bowls

This wonderfully flexible pet bowl is made with high quality flexible Food-Grade silicone, 100% lead ­free, BPA­free, and FDA approved.When pets are enjoying food or water from one of our bowls, you can rest assured they're completely safe from toxins.


Pet ShowerHead

This  Multi-functional Pet Shower Head is long enough to meet your dog or cat at its height and help control the splash and potential for mess while you get them squeaky clean. The comb/brush design gives a lot massage as your showering them, providing a spa like experience. It can also help to break up dirt quickly and loosen up shed hairs.


Toothbrush for Pets

Oral health isn’t just for humans, your pets need a healthy mouth too. A pet toothbrush will help to keep your pet’s breath fresh and their gums and teeth healthy. Our brushes are made with soft, flexible rubber and feel comfortable for most pets. If you notice your pet has bad breath, broken or lose teeth, teeth covered in tartar, abnormal chewing and drooling, bleeding from the mouth, swelling around the mouth or pain around the mouth, we urge you to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian and get your pet’s mouth examined.

Grooming Your Pets

Pet Grooming Scissors

Long, shaggy hair on pets often looks unkempt, messy and makes it very easy to get dirty. Our Pet grooming scissors can be used for a quick trim, or thinning out your pet’s luxurious locks. Your fur baby will look like a handsome gent or a lovely lady as soon as you even out that hair. These gorgeous, sharp, pet grooming scissors are perfect for getting the job done.

Pet Vacuum Groomer

When you’re done giving your pet a haircut, a pet vacuum groomer is a great way to pick up the stray hairs. This vacuum is nice and quiet, so your pet won’t be startled. It comes with a brush so you can remove your pet’s hair as you vacuum it up. But even better, this vacuum isn’t limited to your pets. Use it to clean up shed hairs on your couches, bedding and carseats.  


Pet Raincoat Jacket

If you just got your pet nice, neat and pretty, you want to keep them in that state for as long as possible. If you suspect it’s about to rain, you don’t have to stay indoors, use this raincoat jacket instead. It’s water repellent, and includes LED light, making it extra safe to walk your pet at night.

Pet Seat Car Protector 

You may not be able to keep your dog or cat clean 24/7, but your car shouldn’t have to suffer.

This pet car seat protector will keep muddy paws, shed hairs and pet smells out of your car. This protector is spread across the back of your vehicle, and creates the perfect barrier between the materials in your car and your pet. Simply hang it from the back of car headrests, and that’s it.

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