September 01, 2016

External storage devices are such as the flashdrives are are the best way to store photos or files as they only have to be connected to the PC  or a laptop so that they can be viewed.

The iPhone or iPad have no USB ports where you can plug in a normal pendrive or a flashdrive and view or transfer files, photos and videos. However, the iFlash drive has come to change this. The iFlash drive is an external drive and lighting-port enabled flash storage device for the iPhone and iPad.


How to use iFlash Drive

There are different types of i flash drives on the market today, and all have been designed to work with the iPhone and iPad so that you are able to perform various functions with it. The i flash drive has lighting and USB connectors that are plugged into the computer so that you can transfer any music, photos or videos that you want or by use of WI-FI. The drives are very light in weight and they are easy to carry around. They can be attached to your key holder, bracelet or even your pen and they will not be easily noticed by people

The benefits of using i flash drives include:

  • It frees up your iPhone and iPad memory much faster, hence you are able to save up more things. In case you are travelling, you may need to have enough space to store all your images and videos that you take, that’s why by using an i flash drive you can free up your phone memory. Just by plugging in the connector, you can easily move photos, videos and also other files from your phone which will be stored there till you get the opportunity to transfer them to a computer if need be. The memory space in an i flash drive varies and it could 16, 32, 64 GB, which is quite a lot of memory space.
  • At times you may want to download music or videos from iTunes, but you are limited due to lack of enough your memory on your iPhone as it becomes overloaded. With a flash drive, you can easily store all that you download and you only need to plug and play so that you can listen whenever we need to.


  • It works as a backup device, where your data for safety’s sake, so that you are able to access your files if you lose your iPhone or iPad or accidentally delete any data. Sometimes there are some files that can’t be opened directly on the iPhone so having this flash drive makes it easier to share or receive such files. You can use the drive as an alternative storage device.
  • It has an app that when set it automatically copies photos and videos from your camera roll to the drive when it is connected. You can also use the app to browse through your files and photos, copy them, move them around and also rename them. Just by tapping on the app, you can also transfer your contact list too.


  • The i flash drive has an encryption software which makes it possible for you to password protect your files and also be safe not to share out any sensitive data across different devices. You can quickly unlock the device when you want to access your files.

The best part? They are cheap at $23-$65...A small price to pay to make additional room for all those beautiful photos and videos on your $1000+ iPhone, isn't it?

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