15 Thoughtful And Fun Under $25 Secret Santa Gifts For Your Colleagues

December 05, 2016

15 Thoughtful And Fun Under $25 Secret Santa Gifts For Your Colleagues

While Office Secret Santa for some people is a fun activity that adds some temporary joy to your mundane office lives, for some it can be a time of distress. Especially if the thought of buying a gift for someone stresses you, or you’re not sure what an appropriate gift for a not-so-familiar colleague would be. Don’t even think of buying something too personal for a colleague you know nothing about! Definitely stay away from clothes, perfumes, or personal accessories. Also, no 'naughty' stuff ;) The safest option is of course gadgets and accessories, and the best part about these is that your colleague will most likely use them at work!

So, we decided to put down a list of our best products that are perfect for a Secret Santa gift. All the gifts are under the $25 mark so you don’t have to bust the bank trying to be a good Secret Santa. What's more, we're giving 20% off everything featured here! Look for the coupon code at the end of the post.

1. A Phone case

iphone case

Find out what phone your assigned giftee uses. If they use an iPhone, a nice leather wallet case would make for a thoughtful and useful gift. If they use any other phone, get a phone cover accordingly.

Check out our iPhone covers and Samsung cases here.

iphone cases

2. Fun data and charging cable

charging cables

Never is a charging cable more useful than at a desk when people spend most of their waking hours and keep their devices on charge mode. Since work desks are usually visible areas, people try to put in an effort to make them look good, including charging cables. A colourful braided charging cable for iPhone or a Zipper 2-in-1 cable for both Android and an iPhone.


3. Yoga towel 

yoga towel

Know a budding Yoga freak? Make the transition easier for them by gifting them this thoughtful Yoga towel. Plus, if they’re inspired enough to start doing Yoga as a new year resolution, you’re to credit.


4. USB coffee-warmer coaster

usb cup warmer

If your colleague keeps making rounds of the office kitchen to reheat coffee over and over, this adorable Oreo-cookie shaped USB cup warmer is a perfect gift for them.


5. Bluetooth Beanie with headphones

bluetooth beanie with headphones

Your colleagues will love this beanie with inbuilt headphones so much and you’ll see it when you see them wearing it at work everyday!

Get one for $14.99 here.

6. 3-in-1 flash drive for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

iphone android flash drive

If your colleague keeps running out storage on their phones, a flash drive is the gift for them. Also, useful for exchanging all those work files.

7. Smartwatch and phone charging cum pen stand

phone charging stand and stationery holder

Help your colleague organize their desk and keep their devices charged with this bamboo Apple Watch and phone charging stand and stationary holder.


8. Macbook case

macbook case
If your colleague has an iPad or a Macbook, and not a case for either, this Macbook folio case is a perfect gift for them.


9. Power bank

cheap power bank

One of the best gifts you can give someone in 2017 is a power bank! The prices for a good power bank range from $7 for a basic power bank to a $30 one for a heavy duty power bank.

10. Mini Bluetooth speakers

bluetooth speakers

The best part about gifting these mini Bluetooth speakers is that while your giftee gets to keep them, you can have a mini jam right at their desk after work one of those late nights. Hell, maybe they’ll even invite you over for a party at theirs, thinking about the speakers you gifted them which will sort their music.

11. Elephant dial braided watch

Elephant dial braided watch

If your colleague happens to be a colours living hippie, this beautiful braided bracelet watch with an elephant dial is just a perfect gift!

Buy for $11 here.

12. Super hero flash drive cum collectible

star wars flash drive

Whether they're a Star Wars buff or fond of the Minions, you can always find a flash drive in the theme. The colleague gets to store their important files and/or use it as a collectible and flaunt on their desks!

Check out the collection here.

13. VR headset

cheap VR headset

2017 is going to be huge on Virtual reality! From watching movies to playing games to virtual house hunting, VR is going to play a huge role in our lives going forward. The best thing you can gift to a tech lover is a VR headset to get them started. Get ours for just $19.99

14. Mini Wifi Range Extender

Wifi range extender

A perfect gift for that colleague who often complains about his Wifi issues at home! Get one for $24.99 here.

15. Cat eared headphones

cat eared headphones

This one's for the funky cat of the office!

Get a pair for just $21 here.


You can of course combine other gifts like chocolates, cards, and add some of these and make hampers. The idea is to delight your giftee, and do something thoughtful for them even if it's for one day in the year. Apart from gifts, you can consider getting them a coffee, and even decorating their desks with some string lights. 

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