Stay Tuned to Your Favourite Music with Beanie Hat

December 08, 2015

The portable Bluetooth speakers usually come in small sizes in different shapes. Though they are small but still you need to make space in your luggage to carry them or you need to carry them separately. With the growing use of mobile phone, iPods and other such gadgets, the Bluetooth speakers have become a necessity.

But what if you get the speakers and mic attached to your hat? Great right!

beanie hat
So, here comes a unique Bluetooth speakers known as Beanie Hat which is attached with Bluetooth Speakers and Mic. It is an outstanding product with numerous uses and benefits. You just have to wear the hat and concentrate on your work whether you are travelling, doing exercise, yoga, in the gym, while jogging, or even cooking and gardening.

Beanie Hat is not just a Bluetooth speaker, but an alternate for your wired headphones or hands free. Now you can keep your hands free and enjoy doing your work but of course not recommended while driving.

Beanie Hat with Bluetooth speakers and mic as the name suggests, it connects the Bluetooth compatible devices such as phone, iPod, tablets or even laptops with the speakers without wires. You can even access calls with this unique product. This Beanie Hat speaker works with almost all devices comprising of Bluetooth function. It is compatible with all kinds of apple products as well as with all kinds of android phones.
The features of this amazing product do not only end here. The hat is made up from good quality knitted material along with built in mic that enables you to answer your calls wirelessly. Interestingly, you can use Beanie Hat to protect yourself from extreme cold while listening to your favourite music. The product assures you with good wireless connectivity along with loud and clear sound. The headphones are also of high quality that will give you the same experience at par with any headphones and hands free. You can rewind, forward and play your favourite set of music straight from the hat without even touching your phone. In addition, the hat is comprised of a rechargeable Li-on battery that is built-in the hat itself. The hat is also compatible with the power display on the iPhone.

Beanie Hat also comes with interesting specifications as well that includes Bluetooth with V3.0+EDR, frequency having 2.402GHz-2.480GHz. The transmission distance of this portable Bluetooth speaker is about 10,m or so and the transmission distance of MIC is <1m. The Li-ion battery comes with the capacity of 3.7V/120mA with charging time of about 2.5 hours. The stand-by-time of the Beanie Hat is up to 60 hours along with continuous working time till 6 hours.

So get hold of these unique product right now from The Laava and get grooving with you favourite play list while doing your work.

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