9 Things Every Lyft Or Uber Driver Should Carry In The Car To Ensure The Best Driving Experience & 5* Ratings

November 03, 2016

9 Things Every Lyft Or Uber Driver Should Carry In The Car To Ensure The Best Driving Experience & 5* Ratings

Probably a few years ago no one would've written something like this. Uber wasn't a thing, much less things Uber drivers should carry in their cars. But now, millions of people earn their living from driving an Uber or a Lyft, or some do it as a side gig. Whatever your reason or earnings from driving for a living may be, fact remains, it's a business after all, and like others, customer satisfaction makes a lot of difference. A happy customer is good for morale. b) A happy ride experience means better ratings for you leading to higher incentives and chance for growth. 

While most times, your work ethic, driving skills and communication will take you places, sometimes it's the little tangible things that you need in the car to make a difference. So we got talking with a few Uber-driver friends of ours, and this is what they say you need in the car.

(Just so you know, we're including links to buy these items from the Laava, and you can get every product featured here at an additional 10% discount by using the promo code ILOVEMYCAR )


1. A great GPS mount

Universal GPS car mount

This is a basic. If you drive an Uber or a Lyft, a GPS-enabled device is a must from day one, and you likely have a mount for it already. The car GPS mount should be of good quality, sturdy, and ensure a non-intrusive experience for your device. Here's one for $12.


2. Car charging USB ports

car charging triple USB port


If you're driving an Uber, having maps and GPS on all the time, WILL take a toll on your phone battery and yes you'll be pretty much charging it all the time. It's crucial to have a good car charging port and cable at all times. In fact it's not enough to have one USB but dual USB charging ports because more often than not, your customers may borrow the charger to charge their devices while on a ride.

Get a triple-USB port here or here. If you're feeling a bit generous, you can even get a 4-in one quick charging power bank like this.


3.  Charging cables

3 in 1 Cable for iPhone, ipad and Android

And a lot of customers are going to need charging, but not all of them will carry a charging cable. So, to give them that awesome experience and save the day, have a charging cable that works with most phones. A multi-pin charging cable that works for iPhones and Android would do the job great. 

You can get a 3 in 1 charging cable for iPhones, iPads and Android (micro USB) phones here.


4. Emergency Car Repair Kit

car repair emergency kit

We cannot stress this enough. Uber just like normal cars are vulnerable to breakdowns, crashes and accidents. When you're ferrying other passengers, the responsibility to have the car up and running is even more intense. It's not only good, but mandatory to carry an emergency repair tool kit in your car. We recommend this 4-in-1 emergency tool-kit that comes with a torch and a knife, and this  6 piece emergency kit.


5. Car Duster

car duster
Riders always leave a mess in your car after they leave? Surely, that can't be pleasant for the next customer. Make sure you always quickly dust off the passenger seat after a customer. A quick, handy duster would be just what you need at this point. Or you can take it a level ahead, and a get portable car vacuum cleaner for $14 here.


6. Bluetooth Car speakers

bluetooth car speaker

So, your car doesn't have an audio-stereo system? No problem. Luckily, these days there are Bluetooth speakers who do the job, whether inside vehicles or beyond. 

Enjoy music from your smartphone or tablet, even if it’s in a pocket or purse, through your car speakers; receiver plugs into 3.5mm jack

Get this Bluetooth speaker  for just $15.99 here.


7. A Dash cam

A dash cam is the cheapest insurance policy you can buy both for yourself and your car. Having a dash cam in your vehicle will not only discourage bad passenger behavior, it will also act as an objective witness if you’re ever involved in a collision or some other incident on the road. You can buy a $22 dash cam here.


8. A multi-purpose entertainment plus charging device

3 in 1 car radio, music player and USB charging dock

If you don't wanna carry too many gadgets in the car, you can consider a multi-functional device that works as a radio transmitter, a charging dock and a Bluetooth enabled music player all in one. 

Get one here for just $33.


9. Car Back Support

car back rest

This is probably the most important thing you'll have in your car that your health will thank you for. Sitting in the car for long hours can take a toll on your posture and your back health. You need a car seat rest that takes care of your back and prevents injury.


10. A car seat organizer

car seat organizer

If you're car is littered with stuff users have left behind, or you want to carry things that will make both your and their ride a little more comfortable, you want to consider getting a seat-back organiser that can hold car essentials like a tissue box, water bottles and magazines. Get one here for just $19.


Most importantly, carry a smile and a happy attitude! Happy driving!

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