October 06, 2016

So you’ve saved up enough to get yourself or a loved one an awesome and cool iPhone.   Sure enough, the iPhone is an expensive product, but to make sure you get the most bang out of it, you also need to invest a little in accessories that will make your iPhone experience more fun, more helpful and less stressful. What’s more? These gadgets can make a super useful and thoughtful gift for any iPhone user you know.

Here’s 7 Must-Have iPhone accessories you should buy ASAP.

1.  Power banks

Iphone power bank cheap

Taking all those selfies, streaming shows, and playing games can take a toll on your iPhone’s battery, no matter how good it is. It’s important to have a power-bank handy at all times to ensure you don’t get stranded with a dead phone at any time. Some even come with multiple USB slots so you can charge not one but multiple phones or both your phone and iPad at once.

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2. Apple-compatible Flash drives

iphone flash drive

Unfortunately your iPhone only comes with a limited storage, kinda a bummer when you consider the world of possibilities with all those big image files, apps and movies. This is when a flash drive comes in handy. Just like a normal pen-drive, you can plug it into your iPhone/iPad and transfer data between the phone and the computer, or you can play movies, photos and videos directly from the flash drive.

Buy an Apple-certified MFi Flash Drivehere:


3. iPhone cases

Iphone case waterproof

There are countless options when it comes to iPhone cases. You can get a plain vanilla case, a beautifully printed one, or one that wears many hats! For eg. this waterproof case for those beach selfies, or this classy leather wallet iPhone case. The world is your oyster, or shall we say Case?

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5. In-ear bluetooth headphones

in ear bluetooth headphone earphone


While the iPhone 7 comes without headphone jacks, should you happen to lose your precious “airpods”, a bluetooth headphone will come to rescue. It connects via your iPhone’s bluetooth, letting you talk and listen to music on the go without getting entangled in a wiry mess!

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6. iPhone Car charger

Iphone car charger


iPhones are great for long drives and road trips as they double up as mini desktops. But what about when they run out of charge? Battery powerbank are great but exhaustible. With car chargers, you can keep your phone charged in a car on the go. A car charger works great for those long drives, and makes sure you arrive everywhere with a fully charged phone.

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8. iPhone Screen protector

iphone screen protector screen guard


This should really be the first thing you should invest in before you even use the iPhone. The screen protector, as the name says, will protect your iPhone against spills, drops of water or other liquid, scratches, and sometimes even bigger falls.

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9. Charging Cables

Iphone USB cables

You can never have enough of USB cables for your iPhone! When you thought just one was enough, you realise you lost it, or little Bruno chewed one apart. Missing your charger while you go on that unexpected stay-over at an Android-using friend’s place? This is why you need at least 3 USB cables. One for home, the other for your bag, and one in the office to make 100% sure you’ll never be left with a dead iPhone for lack of a charging cable. And while you’re at it, might as well make them colourful to offset the pristine whites, blacks and gold of the iPhone!

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