7 Amazing Phone Accessories That Every Superhero Lover Will Adore

October 11, 2016

7 Amazing Phone Accessories That Every Superhero Lover Will Adore

Whether you are a child or a child at heart, you have a favourite Superhero or a loved character from your childhood comic books. So, while it may be slightly awkward for you to tote these character as toys well into your adulthood now, it's completely okay to make them a part of your adult possessions! Be it a Superhero iPhone cover or Darth Vader flashdrive, we have a kickass gadget for a well-loved superhero.

1. Superman phone case
superman phone case
This minimally beautiful white case for Samsung S5 or an iPhone  sports a Superman logo in Doodle art. Not will it protect your phone from all harm, but it will keep the Superman fan in your alive, without being loud or garish.

2. Pokemon Power Bank

pokemon power bank

This Pokemon ball shaped power bank will make you want to catch em all! Every Pokeman go player knows about the toll the game takes on their phone's battery. So it only makes sense you have a Pokemon themed power bank too.

Get it here.


3. Captain America Flash Drive

captain america flashdrive
This 16Gb pen drive is perfection just like America's favourite superhero. It can carry a ton of your movie, music and photo collection, not to mention digital copies of your favourite comics. Let it save your world, while Captain goes saves his.

Get it here.


4. Minions Flash Drive
minions flash drive minions collectible
This 16gb Minions flash drive will not ask for Bananas but do its job. It's so adorable you wouldn't want to lose it ever, much like all the data it'd hold.

Get it here.


5.  Darth Vader flashdrivedarth vader pen drive flashdrive
While this pen drive may not say "Luke, it's your father", it will hold all your Star Wars movies collection and more!  What's more? It stands on your phone, so when it's not holding all your data with its 64 GB of storage, it just sits there and doubles as a precious collectible.

Get it here


6.  Star Wars R2D2 Flash Drive
star wars gadget
And if heroes, and not the bad guys are more your thing, there's this R2D2 flash drive. Like Darth Vader it will work as the perfect heavy duty flashdrive and also double up as a Star Wars collectible.

Get it here.

7. Ironman Flashdrive

ironman storage drive usb flashdrive

Like the Marvel character, this 34GB USB pendrive will protect and save your data from all harm. Channel your Tony Stark and buy it here.

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