10 Best Black Friday Deals Under $10

November 21, 2016

10 Best Black Friday Deals Under $10

And the D-date is coming closer! The massive Black Friday sales are here! Since shopping on Black Friday can be so overwhelming, I put together a list of the best under $20 deals you can get on Laava. Without further ado, here they are.


1. Lightning Charging Cable

braided lightning cable

These lightning cables are actually $4.99 which makes them a great under $5 deal. But since you probably need two (Just because they're so adorable!) we're calling it an under $10 deal.

Buy one here for $4.99


2. Starry night ceiling pattern lamp

Starry ceiling lamp

This little lamp will turn your boring room into the night sky! Just switch on and enjoy calming patterns all over your room. The kids will love it!

Buy one here for $9.99


3.  Santa Cutlery holder set

christmas cutlery set

This 6 piece Santa cutlery holder is the perfect and a must have on every Christmas dinner table. 

Buy a set here for $9.99

4. Body fat scale 

body fat scale

The portable scale is perfect to measure and keep those holiday binge calories in check! What a digital marketing gimmick!

Buy one here for $9.99


5.  iPhone PU leather case with card slots

iphone pu leather case


The best iPhone case under $10, hands down. Comes in 10 pretty colours.

Buy one here for $8.99

6. Thermal Insulated Lunch Box

thermal insulated lunch box


This $8 thermal insulated lunch box will help carry your lunch to office, school and outings and keep it hot!

Buy one here for $7.99

7.  USB cable 3 in 1 Car or Computer Universal Charger

3 in one usb micro usb lightning cable

This is the mother of all charging cables. Keep one in your car or handy at your workplace or home and never worry about carrying other chargers on you.

Buy here for $9.99

8. Tube-shaped 2400 mAh Power bank

power bank tube


These tiny and handy power banks can charge devices on the go and fit easily in your sling bags, wallets and bags. 

Buy here for $6.99

9.  Thumb-shaped 64GB Pen drive

thumb shaped pen drive

This realistic Thumb-shaped pendrive is part freaky, part genius. And at 64GB it stores more data than thousands of human hands put together.

Buy here for $9.99

10. USB LED lights

USB led light


Plug this bendy USB light into your laptop, power bank or any other USB port and give yourself just enough focus light to use your laptop or read in the dark.

Buy a pair for $8.99


Happy Shopping to you!


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